Our method is straightforward.

When we are permitted to place Andale On Wheels’ food Bus at an office building complex to sell and serve lunch, the income from the booking of a “One Day” once per month, enables us to serve 150 hot meals when we sell 100+ lunches.

Growing up, Reza and Mirna experienced childhood difficulties firsthand. Empathy for hungry, underprivileged children motivated them to act on the streets of Philadelphia.

The turning point of the desire to help the underprivileged to taking action came the day Reza was driving through Camden, NJ and observed a young boy eating food from a dumpster located behind a restaurant.

Reza dreamed of creating a self-sustaining non-profit that would feed hungry children for decades to come. This dream gave way to an idea: Andalé on Wheels.
WHYY reported that “the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area (including the suburbs) contains nearly three-quarters of a million people struggling with hunger, a 20 percent increase over six years.” This hunger epidemic affects the lives of children in Philadelphia every day.

Not-for-profit organizations can be an excellent way for a community to mobilize around a cause, make an impact and deliver services to those in need.
Andale On Wheels aims to deliver fresh, quality food to children in need, so they can focus on being children. We want children to think about where the most extraordinary caterpillars live or how to score that 3-pointer shot–not how they will have their stomachs filled.

We want to deliver fresh, quality food because quality matters and impacts the life trajectory of our future generation.
Compromising quality would be compromising our mission. The food we provide at Andale on Wheels is just as fresh and delicious as the food you’ve come to love at Andalé Latino Grill.

We achieve this mission by sourcing fresh local ingredients when and where possible and carefully preparing the food fresh daily.
Physical and nutritional nourishment is essential for the development of great minds. Also, great minds without a clear moral compass are not the direction a society would want to go, so we use our valuable time with the children to teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his way of life. Each of us has been shaped by our local community.