What We Do

We are Andalé Latino Grill on wheels

— the wheels of a bus, to be specific.

Andalé Latino Grill was founded on the mission of making a great place that serves great food. Andalé on Wheels exists to deliver that same quality food to those hungry, underprivileged children who need it most.

We will combine your generous donations with our expertise at making healthy, delicious food. First, we’ll use your donations to purchase fresh ingredients. Next, we’ll turn those ingredients into healthy, delicious food — by hand, with care, just like we do for Andalé Latino Grill. Then, we’ll pack that food up into a bus and drive it to the local communities that need it the most.

The bus will be more than just a vehicle to deliver our food, it will be Andalé on Wheels, a mobile restaurant. We hope that Andalé on Wheels will do more than just give good food. We aspire to bring communities together, because we believe that nothing brings people together better than good food made with great care.

Andalé on Wheels is a nonprofit. Currently, we are in the process of gathering materials and developing our game plan. If you would like an up-to-date look at what we’re up to subscribe to our email list below, or contact us.

In the meantime, you can donate here to help get our project off the ground — and onto wheels!